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Coaching to optimize success

Providing customized training to multi-sport athletes and runners who are looking for guidance in achieving their goals and taking their success to the next level.


Take out the guesswork.
Fuel for peak performance

Providing a broad range of customized services to fuel your athletic goals: sports nutrition, race day fueling and hydration science.

Nutrition Coaching - Fueled Coaching

Get the latest science based news in sports and nutrition!


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I have been working with Tina for about a month and she has helped me completely transform my diet for the better. With her help and encouragement, I’m exploring new healthier food options. First she did an in-depth diet analysis where she was able to identify some of the unhealthy choices I was making.


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Nutrition Consulting

Nutritional Consulting

30 and 60 Minute Consultation
3 Day Nutrition Analysis
1 on 1 Monthly Nutrition Guidance
Multi-Week Nutrition Guidance
Race Day Fuel Plan
Combined Analysis & Fuel Plan

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More about me

Being able to do what I love while putting my family first is, for me, the key to happiness. I’m so thankful and blessed to have an amazing husband, beautiful son and two playful and exuberant Rhodesian Ridgebacks. They make my life full of joy, love and add a bit of craziness.



"Cristina was more helpful than I ever could have anticipated..."
"She really works hard to understand you..."
"Well…you nailed my nutrition…unreal!"
" I look forward to continue my work with Fueled and Focused..."