Endurance Coaching

Keuka Triathlon

One of my favorite sayings is “Be the best you that you can be.” Goals are personal, and no two athletes will have the same goals. We all have different abilities as athletes, and no matter your ability, you deserve to be given the same high degree of coaching.

amy conner NYC marathon - 353 x 531

Coaching needs to be individual and personalized to the athlete. Whether that’s finishing your first sprint triathlon or 5th Ironman, running your first 10k or qualifying for the Boston marathon, each athlete is coached for success.

I will use customized and periodized training, using a combination of science based training protocols and the “art” in finding exactly how your body fits those protocols. Each athlete’s body will respond to training differently and as a coach I need to adjust your training to guide you on your athletic journey.

St Patrick's Day Triathlon - 660 x 847

Coaching is done in person in Fort Worth, Texas, or online anywhere.

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