Hydration Science

Hydration Science - SweattestingHydration testing is crucial to make sure you are properly hydrating during your training and racing. Proper hydration will help to increase your endurance, prevent salt depletion and hyponatremia, increase your power, eliminate cramping, and minimize heat stroke. Just a 2% decrease in body mass from dehydration can seriously impact your performance and health.

In Person Sweat testing: $150 (plus drive time)

We will meet a local park or training center where you will complete a 1-hour sweat rate and sweat composition test. The test is non-invasive and will consist of a weigh-in, a 1-hour training session wearing an absorbent patch on your forearm and then the analysis of that patch using special equipment. You will be given a customized hydration and electrolyte plan for future training and racing.

Sweat Electrolyte Test Analyzer TriathlonOnline Sweat testing: $210

If you’re not local or do not have time to meet in person, you can have your sweat analyzed from anywhere in the country. You will have a sweat testing kit mailed to you for you to complete at your convenience. You will mail back the kit and the results will be sent to me for a creation of a customized hydration and electrolyte plan for you.

Add Ons

Sweat tests allow us to completely dial in your exact electrolyte and hydration needs prior to your race. These numbers allow for even better race day fuel planning. If you’d like to take all the guess work out of your caloric and macronutrient needs in your fuel plan as well, you can add on:

Basic Race Day Fuel Plan (total cost of both tests)- In person cost- $250, Online testing- $275
Elite Fuel Plan (total cost of both tests)- In person cost- $350, Online testing-$375

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