My Why

Myth Busting!

Most of my life has been as a competitive athlete. To me, being an athlete meant doing everything possible to succeed (within legal limits of course). This level of drive pushed me to use food in a negative way. Instead of using food to fuel my body, I used it to harm myself. I developed a love hate relationship with food and myself.

If I ate something I wasn’t supposed to (a cookie even), I made myself workout to feel better. Or I would restrict at my next meal in order to make up for the “bad” calories I had eaten. Thus, began the vicious cycle of using food rules to over exercise and ultimately to restrict eating and then binge and purge. For too long I let food control me. 8 long years in fact. The struggle with food rules, self-shaming, restricting, binging and purging and an eating disorder all drive me to be a positive food, body and exercise advocate.

So much of society today is driven by looks, body image, food rules and unhealthy beliefs. My why, my purpose is to help other athletes who struggle with the same issues. I am not a licensed eating disorder counselor; however, I can point you in the right direction if you need one. I am here to be your advocate and to help you to stop heading down the path that I took.

What I strive to do now is to break these food myths that trap us into unhealthy mindsets and behaviors. I’ve created several blogs posts and videos on why these myths just don’t hold up. It’s my way of giving back and trying to undue the fear mongering media. Science wins every day. Nutrition is very individual and no one person responds in the same way as another. I’m here to help you achieve your best version of you, in a healthy way.

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