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Cristina Caldwell - Author

Certified Sports Nutritionist - Exercise Physiologist

Endurance Coach - Athlete

Wife - Mother

8 Ways to Guarantee a PR

If you've ever spent months preparing for a race, thought you were going to knock it out of the park and...just didn't, this ebook is for you.

This 34 page book takes my 18 years of coaching knowledge and 9 years of sports nutrition knowledge, and lays out the 8 ways that you will be successful in your next race. Use this book if you're self coached, or to use as a further reference with your own coach. This book covers maximizing your training, setting goals, race day preparation, how to recover faster, best nutrition practices for achieving race weight, training nutrition and more. This book lays out not only what you need to do in order to PR, but how specifically to do it.

Hitting Your Ideal Race Weight

If you're sick of dieting, tired of feeling like you're depriving yourself, exhausted with trying to figure out how to not only dial in your race weight, but achieve it without starvation, this 4 week 4 hour module is for you.

In this in depth program, you'll learn science based methods of achieving your ideal race weight, while actually enjoying foods that fuel your body and training. Nutrition is not one size fits all, and you will learn how to calculate your calorie and macronutrient needs, how to fuel your training, and how to finally stop the diet cycle that too many are on. Included with the 4x 1 hour videos, you will receive a 40 page nutrition manual, 4 weeks of sample meals, 4 weeks of grocery lists and a 50 recipe guide book. Sample recipes include: my nourish bowl, protein packed grain salad, black bean burgers with salsa, and Saturday morning power skillet. Hitting Your Ideal Race Weight comes in a traditional and plant based version.