Premium Online Coaching

Ironman Austin 3 - 600wAthletes are coached online from all over the country (or world).

What you get as a premium custom 1:1 athlete:

  1. To be a part of an awesome group of endurance athletes training for triathlons (sprint-Ironman distance), running races (5k-ultra runs) and some pretty cool adventures that aren’t necessarily races (like the Rim2Rim2Rim in the Grand Canyon).
  2. Initial phone call or in person consultation
  3. Consistent communication, weekly email check ins and phone calls as needed
  4. A closed Face book group to support each other, share ideas and answer questions
  5. An online training log with Training Peaks. This allows you to see your workout schedule in a clear format, while allowing me to track and adjust your training load to reach your goals. Workouts in 2-week blocks unless the athlete requests something different.
  6. Periodized training that is designed with your goal races and schedule in mind. Athletes will use a gradual progressive overload and recovery method of training that will take into consideration your family life, work schedule, stress load, sleep schedule, injury risk and current training load.
  7. Sammy Disco Tri - 600 wScience based coaching protocols. Methods include:
    • Training that utilizes power, pacing, HR and RPE (used as a complimentary measure to learn body awareness)
    • Performance testing
    • Nutrition/hydration protocols
    • Help with achieving goal race weight using targeted training sessions and nutrition periodization
    • Blood work analysis
    • Use of heart rate variability (HRV) for recovery
    • Use of Training Peaks and key metrics like training stress score (TSS) and chronic training load (CTL) to monitor training load, fatigue, and recovery
    • Use of Best Bike Split

In addition, athletes receive

  • Pre-race strategy and post-race analysis
  • Targeted strength training to aid in injury prevention
  • Discounts on nutrition and hydration testing, analysis, and fuel plans
  • Access to a library of nutrition and training information sheets that I have created over the last 8 years of coaching
  • In-person support at some local races
  • My continual strive to stay at the top of my coaching game-through continuing education, advanced certificates/diplomas, and more

Ironman Austin 6 - 800w

What do I expect from you?

  1. Consistent communication and feedback from you as the athlete on how your training and specific workouts are going. As much as I love the science behind training (HRV, TSS, etc., hearing from your mouth how you are doing is always the best!)
  2. Trust that the process and the program being written will result in you achieving your goals.
  3. To have fun!

There is a 3-month minimum for coaching, as it takes time to see the improvements that you anticipate. I take on a limited number of athletes so that I may give each athlete 100% of the time they deserve. Contact me to set up a free phone chat to find out if we’re a good fit and if I have space.