Race Day Fueling


After training for months for a race, not having a nutrition plan can lead to serious issues come race day. Too many athletes don’t think about their nutrition, don’t go in with a plan and that can lead to some uncomfortable race conditions. If you’ve struggled with GI issues, you haven’t raced to your potential, or you don’t know what to eat during your race, a race day fuel plan will help you.

Take the guess-work out of your nutrition

This plan should be done at least 8-12 weeks prior to your “A” race in order for you to practice it, and for me to make adjustments. You will be given the choice to add-on another race distance at no charge. For example, if you are racing an IM, but also are curious about fueling for a 70.3, then I will do both. If you’re running a marathon, but also running a half marathon, I will do both. A race day fuel plan will:

Provide you with specific foods and fluids to eat before, during and after your race, based on your preferences and needs. You will be given specific times at which to eat or drink. The plan will provide calories, carbohydrates, and sodium recommendations.


Basic Fuel Plan: $150


The basic fuel plan includes:

Comprehensive questionnaire regarding allergies, intolerances, previous race issues, current nutrition products and your goals
60 min phone conversation to go over the questionnaire before the plan is created
A complete fuel plan that provides calories, carbohydrates, and electrolyte recommendations
Dinner and breakfast pre-race

Elite Fuel Plan: $250

The elite fuel plan includes everything that the basic plan delivers, but with additional support and follow-up. Nutrition plans can sometimes need to be adjusted and manipulated. I will be there with you step by step for 6 additional weeks.

The elite plan includes:

2 x 30 minute phone conversations and unlimited email in the 6 weeks following the delivery of the fuel plan
Your plan will be changed as needed

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