Sports Nutrition

Nutrition Analysis

Nutrition Coaching - Fueled CoachingIf you’re looking for a way to increase your performance, have more energy, eliminate GI issues, recover faster, boost your immunity, or lose weight, doing a nutrition analysis will help you reach those goals.


You will fill out a nutrition questionnaire and a 3-day food and activity log.
Based on your activity level and goals, I will analyze your current nutrition for needed changes. You will also receive information on suggested general nutrition changes, pre-exercise and post-exercise nutrition suggestions, supplementation, information on nutrient timing, sample recipes to fit your goals and more.
We will have a 60 minute follow up discussion on the results.
This is the base level in my nutrition coaching and can be done on its own, but must be done before moving onto monthly coaching. Add on: Monthly coaching First month-$150 (total $400 first month), $200 each additional month.
For those that need additional help to achieve their performance based nutrition goals, we will continue with monthly coaching.
You will receive additional supplemental nutrition handout and information that is tailored for your goals.
Each month we will have 2 x 45 minute phone conversations and unlimited email questions.

$250 per nutrition analysis

Add on: $200 continued monthly coaching (first month is $150 when combined with an analysis-$400 total)

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30 and 60 minute Nutrition Consultation

You know you need to make some changes in your dietary habits, but aren’t sure how. A consultation will allow you to ask specific questions like: “How much should I be eating,” “How many calories do I need,” “When should I be eating in relation to exercise,” Am I getting enough protein, etc. This session is yours to ask the questions that you need answers to, so that you can achieve your goals. You chose the direction of the conversation. You will be given a written or recorded copy of your session upon completion.

30 minutes for $60 and 60 minutes for $100