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Monster Tri - 600 x 800Reach your goals through training hard, but having fun!

My goal is to help you reach your athletic potential by providing you with sound science based coaching, while at the same time catering to each athlete’s individual strengths and weaknesses. I examine the whole athlete-work, stress, sleep, nutrition, and life! It’s all a balance to help you achieve success while working with your specific needs.

Communication and trust are key-I can coach the best when we have an open line of communication and you trust that I have your best training and racing interests in mind.

I will get to know you as an athlete and your life, you aren’t just a number and someone to send workouts to.

Ironman Austin 5 - 600 x 800As an athlete, you can rely on my support, guidance, accountability and focus to achieving your goals. My combination of racing experience and years of coaching, combined with my schooling in sports nutrition and exercise physiology helps me to guide you to success.

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